"Remembering our past to inform the present and envision the future."

Seventh Day Baptist Historical Library and Archives

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Supporting the Library and Archives by becoming a Friend or a Patron ensures that the preservation of Seventh Day Baptist history endures into the future.

Our Mission

We believe we are called to provide perspective for future planning through fuller understanding of and appreciation for whence we have come and how and why, under God’s leading in the past.

Interactive Resources

A website with resources to learn more about SDB history. From an interactive map of Seventh Day Baptist Churches past and present, a catalog of people and churches, to a forum, we’ve brought SDB history to your fingertips.

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North Loup 1938

A photograph on the steps of the North Loup Seventh Day Baptist Church (NE) in...

Plainfield Seventh Day Baptist Church

A look at the elaborate interior of the Plainfield Seventh Day Baptist Church...

Plainfield Seventh Day Baptist Church

A look at the exterior of the beautiful Plainfield Seventh Day Baptist Church...

A Choosing People

On the Steps of the the Seventh Day Baptist Church, North Loup, Nebraska, October...

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