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Bulletin Inserts & Promotional Materials

The following promotional materials were conceived of to serve as bulletin inserts for distribution among local Seventh Day Baptist congregations, though obviously there may be other additional uses.  We recommend that the materials be used on repeating, scheduled basis (every other week or once a month) on a prescribed pattern.  Permission is given for interested parties to circulate these materials in their local contexts provided they are not altered in any way.  Copies of these resources are available in both English and Spanish (see below).

SDBHS 1916-25 (Bulletin Insert 1)  Sociedad Historica 1916-25

SDBHS 1926-35 (Bulletin Insert 2)  Sociedad Historica 1926-35

SDBHS 1936-45 (Bulletin Insert 3)  Sociedad Historica 1936-45

SDBHS 1946-55 (Bulletin Insert 4)  Sociedad Historica 1946-55

SDBHS 1956-65 (Bulletin Insert 5)  Sociedad Historica 1956-65

SDBHS 1966-75 (Bulletin Insert 6)

SDBHS 1976-85 (Bulletin Insert 7)

SDBHS 1986-95 (Bulletin Insert 8)

SDBHS 1996-2005 (Bulletin Insert 9)

SDBHS 2006-15 (Bulletin Insert 10)

Bonus Quiz (Bulletin Insert 11)

There is also a promotional video for this campaign. You can watch that here.

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