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The Seventh Day Baptist Historical Society website offers members exclusive access to the following resources.

Interactive Seventh Day Baptist Church Map

Discover information on Seventh Day Baptist Churches in this visual interactive maps.  Explore existing and extinct Seventh Day Baptist member churches as well as non-member churches.  Each church listed details its location, the year it began and ended (if applicable), along with other names that might have been used in its association.

Catalog Index Cards of Churches and Surnames

Need information about a Seventh Day Baptist individual or church?  Use our interactive database to browse over 200,000 records related by churches or surnames.  Each interactive card holds 100 index cards optimized for searching.  It’s like searching through our library right from your computer.

Online Forum

 Are you a genealogist, historian, or someone looking for information about a church or an individual in Seventh Day Baptist History?  Check out our forums where you can interact with other members, ask questions, and dig deeper into history.

Like what you see?  Become a member of the Seventh Day Baptist Historical Society and get access to all of this and more.

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