Seventh Day Baptist Links:

Seventh Day Baptist General Conference, USA & Canada

Association of Seventh Day Baptists – Australia

Seventh Day Baptist World Federation

Seventh Day Baptist Board of Christian Education

Seventh Day Baptist Council on Ministry

Seventh Day Baptist Missionary Society

Seventh Day Baptist Women’s Board

Baptist History Links:

American Baptist Historical Society

Baptist History & Heritage Society

Baptist Heritage

Southern Baptist Historical Library & Archive

Baptist World Alliance’s Heritage and Identity Commission

Baptist Studies Bulletin (sponsored by BH&HS)

Seventh Day Baptist History Resources:

A History of the Sabbatarians or Seventh Day Baptists, in America (1811)

Seventh Day Baptist Memorial (1852-1854)

Seventh Day Baptists in Europe & America, Vol. 1 (1910)

Seventh Day Baptists in Europe & America, Vol. 2 (1910)

A History of Seventh Day Baptists in West Virginia (1905)

The Doctrine of the Fourth Commandement (1650)

Bible Studies on the Sabbath Question (1911)

Paganism Surviving In Christianity (1892)

A Critical History of Sunday Legislation, from 321-1888AD (1888)

Spiritual Sabbathism (1910)

Other Resources:

English Short Title Catalog (British Library)

Genealogy-They Came To Milton

Related History Sites:

Newport Historical Society (the 1730 Sabbatarian Meeting House, home of the Newport SDB congregation, is one of the properties owned by the NHS.)

Ephrata Cloister (Museum for the German Seventh Day Baptist community who gathered there)

Mystic Seaport (sits on the grounds of the SDB Community of Greenmanville, and the museum contains the meeting house of the congregation)

Milton House (hotel built by SDBs in Wisconsin which is a confirmed stop on the Underground Railroad)

Baker’s Bridge Historical Association (restored the original meeting house of the Alfred Station NY SDB Church)

Hopkinton Historical Association (maintain the former home of the 2nd Hopkinton church in the Town of Hopkinton, RI)

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