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Mission Statement

Historical Society Museum inside SDB Center in Janesville, WI

Within the total mission of the Seventh Day Baptists, we believe we are called to provide perspective for future planning through fuller understanding of and appreciation for whence we have come and how and why, under God’s leading in the past.

In order to do this, we shall:

  1. Maintain a repository for safe-keeping of and easy access to significant artifacts, documents, writings, and other materials relating to the history of the Sabbath and of Sabbathkeeping Baptists worldwide;
  2. Provide for continuing research into the roots and history of the Seventh Day Baptist Movement;
  3. Interpret the significance of the past for the present, particularly as it relates to planning for the future;
  4. Communicate the history of Seventh Day Baptists through publications, creative use of all other media, and personal contacts and presentations.

(adopted, May 1989)

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